Making Websites Better.

Making Websites Better.

Visix are a web marketing agency who build, develop and market bespoke websites based on your requirements and your target audience.

Visix are the only website agency who specialise in working in the print industry. Our mission is to bring the sector into the 21st century. We believe that companies in this space need to communicate more effectively via their website and brand communications.

Visix are a smart thinking team of experienced professionals from the world of print and media. Our passion for communications, our frank and truthful advice are what makes us stand out. Combined with our young creative team, we are able to apply our Best Practice, on every project, for every client.

What we do

Make Websites Better

We understand that there may be many more companies similar to yours. However, we can offer you the perfect solution to differentiate yourselves from your competitors. We develop websites that can put your company one step beyond your rivals.

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Make Brands Better

Do people get your brand? Do you get your brand? Brand isn't your logo, your brand is marketing and marketing is your brand. We work closely with our clients to understand the values of your business and your unique selling points.

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Make Marketing Better

We believe that being online has the potential to be your most effective sales tool when operated to its full potential. The world has gone digital. At Visix we are here to give you kick ass web content, a social media presence and to promote your brand!

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How we do it

Apply Passion

Apply Passion

Tell the Truth

Tell the Truth

Think Smart

Think Smart

See our Best Practice Process
Apply Passion


Believe it or not, we are as passionate as you are about your project!

Tell the Truth

Telling the Truth

Yes! Visix tell the truth. We will tell you if we do or don’t like your website or brand as we are team of very honest people who want the best to help you as a business.

Think Smart

Smart Thinking

A website is your 24/7 sales tool. This is why we take a step back and evaluate your business to deliver a website with a strategy that appeals to your target audience.

Who does it

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"It is so very rare that a company knows so much about offline and online media. With their knowledge within the print industry, Visix are the perfect company to help print businesses evolve the way they communicate."

Marian Stefani, CEO
Independent Print Industries Association

"Visix have the rare ability to understand many aspects of a complex, multifaceted organisation such as the St Bride Foundation."

Glyn Farrow, CEO
St Bride Foundation

"Visix delivered a website that showcases our corporate identity; our vision and the modern image we desired."

Neill Boatman
Image-on Essex

"The team delivered us a fresh and modern brand to help us to increase our profile in our market, and worked with our sales staff to gain more market share, which is an evolving and ongoing process, but we're delighted to date."

Bryan Godwyn, MD
Intelligent Finishing Systems

"As part of our company’s 275 year celebrations Visix assisted us with a new brand & website. Visix guided us through the process. We are pleased with the outcome that brilliantly illustrates our company’s long history. A pleasure to work with."

Bill Kelly

"The team’s knowledge is, in my opinion, second to none and cannot be ignored. They take the time to get to understand your project & feed back strong recommendations in a simple but highly professional way."

Peter Melkowski
Print Solutions / CUTTR

"Visix have been proactive and professional in their approach. They have really added value to what we've worked on together."

Graeme Smith, MD
Cyan Group

"From our first project working with Visix we had very ambitious timescales, but despite this, the website went live by deadline."

Angie Francksen
Ryedale Group

"We’re delighted to work with Visix. Their work is outstanding and vital for the industry to connect with the digital world."

Amy Moran
PrintIT! / ProSkills

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Our Mission to 'Evolve' Print!

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